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We hope you find it informational as well as educational about the sport of springboard and platform diving and the Sachem Diving Team. Please feel free to fill out the contact us page and receive information about the team, camps, competitions, and volunteering.

Sachem Diving Team is a year round diving program in New York and all surrounding areas. The SDT helps young athletes to become the best in the sport of diving, while helping their character development, self-confidence and positive self-image.

At SDT , we look forward to this challenging journey as we teach and develop young athletes in our program. We offer various programs by training on the one -meter , three -meter and platform. We also offer High School and collage training. The SDT participates in AAU Diving competition in the regional , national and International level , as well as various invitational.

By helping our athletes change their behavior patterns and increase their self -confidence and self -image ,Sachem Diving Team will have a successful diving program , while educating our athletes to make the right choice in their life. With their fitness , mental toughness , perseverance , confidence , and companionship they gain in our program they will carry all of their skills , both within and outside the sport of diving.

Diving Programs


    This program is designed for beginners, ages 5 & up who are safe in deep water [...]


    This program is for divers who has the minumum dive requirements to compete in their age group or higher. [...]


    This program is for divers who has the minumum dive requirements to compete at a National and International competitions [...]